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The largest selection of wool latch hook kits left in the Country is at the end. The rugs below are CANVAS ONLY 

Smyrna Laine Wool Latch hook Rug Kits, over one hundred years of quality production.


PLEASE NOTE: email. Yes, we are closing out.

All of these canvases are without yarn. HP means handpainted to the square, SS is Silk Screened.


New page for canvas only rugs.

Wool round rug kit Colisee HP $1,500.00 79"
Canvas Only Reg. $450.00 now $100.00
Rug Kit available in 2 sizes Mosaico HP59" 
Canvas Only Reg. $290.00 now $100.00
Wool rug hooking kit Sensation HP $895.00 59"
Canvas Only Reg. $280.00 now $100.00
Cournouailles HP

47" x 67" $1,350.00
Canvas Only Reg. $275.00 now $100.00
Latch Hook rug canvas Sensation HP 32" x 57" $495.00
Canvas Only Reg. $130.00 now $60.00
Latch Hook Rug Kits Zig Zag HP 
38" x 59" $595.00
Canvas Only Reg. $120.00 now $50.00
smaller round wool rug kit Sensation HP $795.00 47"
Canvas Only Reg. $250.00 now $80.00
Oval wool rug kit Saturne HP OVAL 47" x 71" Detail details$1,295.00
Canvas Only Reg. $275.00 now $100.00
 Latch Hook Kit Concerto HP

59"x 79" $1,600.00
Canvas Only Reg. $400.00 now $150.00
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Click on the rug name to see a larger photo of the Rugs  

FINISHED RUG.gif (59769 bytes)

Sample of rug on the floor in the shop for over 30 years.
The bottom half is the underside with binding tape. Click to enlarge picture
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