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Round Wool Latchhook Rug Kit

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A Few of Our Customer's Finished Latch Hook Rugs.

Baghdad latch hook rug kit done in five different color ways.

Baghdad latch hook rug
latch hook in Beige
brown and gold latch hook
traditional color latch hook
wool latch hook rug kit
Hamadan latch hook rug in wool
French Flowers
Petes Estes ParkerParker on the right
Donna and one of her rugsDonna
Linton Estes JR Reza
Linton Estes JR
Cleopatra wool latch hook rug finishecd
Blue Cleopatre
latch hook rug in yet another color
Cleopatre Pink
Golden brown latch hook rug
Latch hook rug in wool
Pieced Round Latch Hook
latch hook carousel
Latch hook rug in wool
custom16.gif (52579 bytes)
doris.gif (156180 bytes)
Rug by Alice
custom8.gif (94834 bytes)
karim latch hook custom colors
Ming in Brown
hall runner latch hook charted from Ispahan
Wanda's stair runner latch hook rug
latch hook hall runner charted
custom14.gif (49144 bytes)
latch hook rug flora
Hall Runner
custom13.gif (80111 bytes)
Harmony latch hook rug in wool
custom17.gif (90145 bytes)
Prayer rug latch hooked in wool
latch hook rug fransican apple custom
rn6.gif (55477 bytes)
rf5.gif (69874 bytes)
carls rug.gif (81150 bytes)
cleo6.gif (78306 bytes)
cleo5.gif (71773 bytes)

SandraG.jpg (21204 bytes)
Carl's new rug
Betty Lyman's Tabriz Rug
Europe Rug  in Oval


Hamadan latch hook rug kit
Shirley Seput.gif (73317 bytes)
It's 6.5 feet wide, 16 feet long (with gun) and about 6 feet tall, covered in almost 1000 square feet of hand-made carpet.  I've spent the past three years making this piece, and it's finally done!