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Preworked Needlepoint CanvasesĀ  This page contains preworked needlepoint suitable for chairs seats, pillows and stools. The design is worked, the background is left for you to stitch.

Preworked chair, seat back and arms in stock Full Chair and Bench Covers here.

All of these needlepoint canvases are stitched by hand.

Stock CLOSE OUT page remodeling underway for information on ordering.

Please note the marks next to each prework needlepoint  item number.  PP is all petit point (400 stitches per square inch) GP is Gropoint (100 stitches per square inch) and PP/GP is a combination of both.

Please click on the number of the canvas for a better picture.

poman PP PP 3784 $42.00 Pat. 8" x 9"
Ca. 23" x 23"
Roses say1 $45.00 BUY NOW
Pat 14" x 14" Ca. 27" x 27"
Poman Preworked Needlepoint 3320 PP
Pat. 8.5" x 8.5" Ca. 23" x 23"
poman GP/PP 3690 $55.00 Pat. 9" x 10"   Ca. 23" x 23"
petitpoint flowers PP 3314 $42.00 Pat. 8" x 8" Ca. 23"x 23"
3683 preworked 3683 GP/PP

Pat. 9.5" x 9.5" Ca. 23" x 23"
preworked 3686 3686 GP/PP
Pat. 10" x 10" Ca. 23" x 23"